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FS1275 Hand Cut Santa Tin from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania $25.
This Santa tin doesn't look at home in this window this time of the year, but when the fall and winter roll around, he'll be perfect. I have one that I do display all year long, with my other window tins. Many of you have been reading on my blog for the past 2 years, about my 93 year old mother, who sadly has had dementia for a several years now. Before she moved into assisted living, she lived in Chester County, Pennsylvania.She knew many of the Amish from that area. She had a little cottage business, and these are one of the many things she purchased from an Amish man that would make them for her to sell to several of the little shops in the area. I love mine, and was excited to find 3 more hidden in the back of my drawer, while doing some Spring cleaning the other day. Now I can offer them to you. $25. Includes shipping.



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