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FS1789 Early 1700's Highchair
FS1789 ca. Early 1700's Highchair $475.
Circa early 1700's, this child's chair came out of an early farmhouse in Chester County, Pennsylvania. It was the same house where I purchased the beautiful spice chest. It has been in the same family for several generations. I am told that in the early 1700's it originally had a rush seat, but probably in the late 1700's it needed to be changed, and a leather seat was added. Look at all the wear on the front rung, where little feet over generations wore away the finish, and actually wore away the wood. I provided a photo so that you can see part of the finish in the corner where it was untouched. Also notice on the top how the finish wore off where it was picked up to move from place to place. It is also worn on the area underneath. It is in beautiful sturdy condition. Wouldn't you love to see the first young child that sat in this seat?! Surely they secured him in, so that he did not slip off! Please send me with your shipping address so that I can let you know how much it will be. I will send a separate paypal invoice for the amount. It's a wonderful early piece of American history. If you love it, let me know, before I change my mind. :) $475.



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FS1789 Early 1700's Highchair