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Barbara makes her home in historic New Haven Connecticut. New Haven was founded in 1638 by English puritans. Today, New Haven is home to Yale. From this historic setting, Barbara fulfills a lifetime love of sewing, stitching, creating. She creates whimsical little Teddy Bears. Some made from cashmere, some German mohair. Nearly a century ago Americans gave birth to the Teddy Bear. Today still, we love these authentic members of true Americana. Welcome Barbara and her hand crafted Teddy bears.

AABM006 Small Mohair Hand Made Bear by Barbara Melotto
AABM006 Small Mohair Hand Made Bear by Barbara Melotto $110.
Who doesn't love teddy bears! Barbara lives in a early home in New England. She is surrounded by antiques that she loves. She spends much of her time making miniature mohair animals, like teddies and rabbits. Such tedious work, this teddy only measures 5-3/4 inches. The color of this teddy is medium brown, dark than the photos, my camera would not cooperate today. Hand sewn feet and paws. I especially love his long snout, just the a Teddy Roosevelt teddy bear. Little beads for eyes and a hand stitched nose and mouth. How sweet sitting on a shelf or in your favorite cupboard. $110. Includes travel fare.



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AABM006 Small Mohair Hand Made Bear by Barbara Melotto







The Teddy Bear became part of America in 1902
named after conservationist President
Theodore Roosevelt. Teddy Roosevelt is
forever enshrined at Mr. Rushmore.