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Carol Woodard loves all things olde, history and creating. With blessings from her mother, who taught Carol to sew and told her she can do anything, Carol brings to us her wonderful whimsical creations. Items that spread the joy of days gone by. I think you will find the creativeness along with the loving attention to detail, elevates this impeccable work from needlecraft to high art. These are lovely items to have about in a country home where art and love go hand in hand.

AACWO-001 Hand Sewn Puzzle Ball by Carol Woodward
AACWO-001 Hand Sewn Puzzle Ball by Carol Woodard $65.
Carol's puzzle balls are all hand sewn using civil war reproduction fabrics. She antiques the fabric before using them to make sure they have a wonderful early look, as though they have been around since the Civil War. The prints and colors, are wonderful and early looking as you can see in my photos. Puzzle balls look wonderful in a basket with other sewing items, or just sitting on a table or hanging on a cupboard door. Measures almost 5 inches wide. $65. Includes shipping.


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