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Lynn Bresciani is a wonder when it comes to carving and painting. Each of Lynn's pieces begin with her original wood carving or her original clay sculpture. A mold is then made, from which each reproduction is made. Every one of these unique pieces is lovingly hand crafted. Lynn Bresciani does the carving and painting. Bert Neill does all the molding, casting, preparing the pieces for Lynn's painting. Reasonably priced, superb art.

AALB007 Cat In A Swing by Lynn Bresciani
AALB007 Cat In A Swing by Lynn Bresciani $35.
Looks like kitty has taken over the perch. The original cat was hand carved by Lynn and hand painted. A mold is made from the original. Into the original mold resin is poured. When it is dry and removed from the mold, Lynn hand paints each one to look just like her original. In person it looks just like a real wood carving. How cute to hang in a window. Comes with it's own hanger. I promise it will make you smile. $35. Includes shipping.



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AALB007 Cat In A Swing by Lynn Bresciani