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The Henry Gould Farm sits at the base of Vermont’s picturesque Mount Ascutney as it has since the early 19th century. The carriage house wing is Canvasworks Studio, Lisa Curry Mair’s workspace. Lisa is a throwback to those earlier times. Her painted canvas floorcloths are made as they would have been hundreds of years ago- one painstakingly slow step at a time. She designs each piece, lays it out on paper transposes it to prepared canvas before painting it. Lisa has created over eight hundred floorcloths which have made their way all over America to private homes, museums, and cottages, and in decorator showhouses. She is one of Early American Life's listed artisans. It's a pleasure to offer her exceptional work in our American Artists & Artisans store.

AALM001 4 x 6 Hand Made Floor Cloth by Lisa Mair
AALM001 4 x 6 Floor Cloth by Lisa Mair $725.
Floor cloths were used as decorative floor coverings in the early 18th century. George Washington and other historic figures used them in their homes. Floorcloths were initially used by the wealthy to decorate entryways, hallways and dining rooms. Some were used under dining tables to protect more expensive carpets from spills. Most were imported from England, but soon they were made here in America. I am so pleased to offer this beautiful floorcloth. A black and white color scheme, with a delicate marble design in each white square. It's hard to see all of the marbling in my photos but it is there, and looks lovely. This cloth rug is made of heavy canvas. The underside is hemmed and sewn. It is signed and dated. Measures 4 feet by 6 feet. $725. Includes shipping.



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AALM001 4 x 6 Hand Made Floor Cloth by Lisa Mair









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