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"I wish I could describe adequately how your beautiful photographs
made me feel. I could see, smell and hear those beautiful landscapes
and historic places. It is truly wonderful." -Rachel in Australia

A beautiful 75 minute video DVD $19.95
Looks great on your TV or play it on your computer DVD player.
If you don't love this, please return it for a full refund!
This is a soul soothing experience! Antiques, primitives, pottery,
textiles & quilts, rural scenery, colonial architecture, and more. 16
tracks of wonderful music from some of America's finest composers. Widescreen, Dolby 5.1 surround. This movie runs 75 minutes.  Our customers tell us they absolutely love it. (Read the comments below)
I am sure you will too!  $19.95 includes shipping.
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Hi Carole, I have just had the most wonderful journey back through time. I feel as if I have just stepped out of the old buggy that was carrying me through the town and seeing all these beautiful items in the windows, along with other historical sites. I could just imagine the old buggy with that wonderful sound of the wheels and the horses on an old brick road. This is a beautiful DVD and I am so glad to have purchased it. You have done a spectacular job and I just want to thank you for the privilege to have made that journey. - Betty

I really enjoy watching your video. It's hard to explain how it makes you feel....comforted, warm maybe, in touch with the past. I just know that it's a good thing, and I'm glad I ordered it. Country Blessings,
- Marge

"The images are stunning. The music is so beautiful!! I loved the children laughing and the birds singing. Thank your for this beautiful DVD."
-Ginny, GA

" I don't  just love it . . it's magnificent."
-Denise, MI

"I have been watching for over an hour . . it is just so beautiful . . haunting and evocative."
-Gayle, WA

"The colors, the music, each new picture that came up . . .just amazing . . .just so beautiful, all of it. It made me sit down for over an hour and have my tea and relax, something I rarely am able to do and such a wonderful way to do that.
- Chris, OR

Hi, Just a note to tell you how much I am enjoying your DVD. I love all things relating to early America so this DVD is truly a feast for my eyes and soul.  The images and music are so evocative of our precious past. Thank you, Mary B.

" . . . sparking a special moment and memory into someones life is the best gift one can hope for . thank you for lighting mine . . .
-Hal, NY

" . . . it was so beautifully and seamlessly done . . . your lovely DVD is most relaxing, comforting, gentling, and enriching."

I too love to listen to the music as I do other things, but I always find myself stopping what I am doing, and looking to the video. :) As a lover of early America, it is absolutely the best! Brings me great peace, and soothes the soul. Thank you.

" . .the part with the window and the Abe Lincoln poster gave me goosebumps."
-Trevor, PA

"Wow. I loved every minute of it. Worth it just for the music . . . makes me and my house happy."
-Susan, OH

"What a joyful experience. Even though the pictures of empty rooms and empty shoes almost made me cry".
-Louise, PA

Hi Carole, I hope you had a Blessed Christmas and have a Happy New Year. We just got a DVD player for Christmas and I was finally able to play the DVD I got from you. I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!! The music is beautiful and the pictures are lovely!!!!!!!! It is so relaxing, I wanted to let you know....Thanks so much......Kindly,
-Carol, GA