"I have been watching for over an hour . . it is just so beautiful . . haunting and evocative."


" . . . it was so beautifully and seamlessly done . . . your lovely DVD is most relaxing, comforting, gentling, and enriching."

I must tell you...while watching your beautiful DVD, I was immediately transported ...the serene & thought provoking photography soothed my contemporary soul..what a different outlook I came away with...

" I don't  just love it . . it's magnificent."
-Denise, MI


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75 minute DVD
$7.95 includes shipping.

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"The colors, the music, each new picture that came up . . .just amazing . . .just so beautiful, all of it. It made me sit down for over an hour and have my tea and relax, something I rarely am able to do and such a wonderful way to do that.
- Chris, OR

Hi Carole, I have just had the most wonderful journey back through time. I feel as if I have just stepped out of the old buggy that was carrying me through the town and seeing all these beautiful items in the windows, along with other historical sites. - Betty


" . . . sparking a special moment and memory into someones life is the best gift one can hope for . thank you for lighting mine . . .
-Hal, NY