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Have fun exploring this
affordable collection of
photographic folk art prints,
note cards, antique items
for sale, and original video
art. inspired by the simple pleasures of days gone by.

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Scenes from Early American Video DVD.

$19.95 includes shipping

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This DVD can be mail ordered $19.95:
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Wilmington Studios
1509 Brandywine Blvd.
Wilmington, DE19809



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" I don't just love it . . it's magnificent."
-Denise, MI

"I have been watching for over an hour . . it is just so beautiful . . haunting and evocative."
-Gayle, WA

"The colors, the music, each new picture that came up . . .just amazing . . .just so beautiful, all of it. It made me sit down for over an hour and have my tea and relax, something I rarely am able to do and such a wonderful way to do that.
- Chris, Oregon

" . . . sparking a special moment and memory into someones life is the best gift one can hope for . thank you for lighting mine . . .
-Hal, NY

" . . . it was so beautifully and seamlessly done . . . your lovely DVD is most relaxing, comforting, gentling, and enriching."

" . .the part with the window and the Abe Lincoln poster gave me goosebumps."
-Trevor, PA

"Wow. I loved every minute of it. Worth it just for the music . . . makes me and my house happy."
-Susan, OH

"What a joyful experience. Even though the pictures of empty rooms and empty shoes almost made me cry".
-Louise, PA

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