Hi Carole: I recieved the tiny wooden shoe mold yesterday and I can't tell you how happy I am that I made the decision to buy it. It is perfection and I've never seen one so tiny. Even smaller than I thought it would be when I got out my ruler before buying it. It must be one of a kind, but if you ever see another...please think of me :) You have a great eye and continue to buy what you know we, your customers, are looking for. Thanks so much -Deb

 Hi Carole ~ just wanted to let you know how much I love the sweet little doll (with tiny strawberry emery) by Cindy Gray and the bird with strawberry by Carol Woodard; they are both just precious! Also, thank you for the thoughtful gift of the Tasha’s goat milk soap you sent previously – smells so good! Have a good weekend,

Hi Carole: This is one great flax hatchel!! I love it! It's so perfect! Thank You for the flax thread, too.
I'm just getting started on my sampler....Finally! It's been a busy time for me. Hope you have a nice spring.

Thank you so very much!!!! I just love the wax (hand made) fruit. It has the best look. AND smells wonderful. What a surprise to receive it so soon. Carol you are the best!! I am still madly in love with the lovely items that I was lucky enough to buy from you, through the years. Take care and Bless Your Sweet Heart. Your cyber friend
- Pat


Dear Carole,
Just wanted to let you know that I received the divided red box yesterday and I absolutely love it. It looks fantastic in my master bath, as I have a smaller mustard divided box on another shelf. It looks better even in person than in pictures. You have great taste !
Thanks again,

Hi Carole,
Hope you are having a good week so far! I just wanted to tell you that you were absolutely right, I love the little cutting board!!!!!! It is so cute...what a perfect size for a child. Thank you again!!!:):)

Hi Carole, the mirror arrived today in great condition. You really packaged it well! Thank you very much, I really like it.

Hey, Carole! How have you been? I bought an absolutely gorgeous Greiner doll from you in 2011 (named Carole Ann). I am still just as much in love with her as I was the day she arrived. Carole Ann is definitely one of my absolute favorite purchases I have ever made.
- Amie


Thanks Carole, I am excited for these finds! I have eyed them for a while in your country store and was so excited when I found them in the rebate store. I love your store and continue to enjoy everything I have purchased from you! Corinne


Hi Carole, just wanted you to know I received my tin cupboard today and it's wonderful. What fun I will have with it!!! Hope you have a blessed holiday season. -Kathy

Carole, just received my book and mirror. Love them! -Arlene


Hi Carole,I got my doll bodies and I love them. Not sure if I will leave them of try to finish them . Love their shoes.I have bookmarked your store and will check it out again. Thanks so much. -Bev


Hi Carole: I received the linen/ flax weaving today. (the postman delivered it to the wrong address). This is soooooo beautiful, Carole. I love it! It is truly hand woven!!! So much of the material people are selling today as handwoven is not. I knew you wouldn't let me down, Carole. Thanks a heap....as always a pleasure.


I received my spoons and forks in pewter. WOW, they are so beautiful. I hope to order more.
Kind regards, Charlotte

Hi Carole, I am so excited for the firkin. I already know right wheres its going to live in my home! I am always visiting your online shop. I know your items are always quality
and always much better then described or pictured. Thank you so much for your rebate store Carole.

- Corinne


Good Morning Carole, I received the bee skep today, and it is beautiful!! Thank you so much for everything and for shipping so fast. I look forward to doing more business with you Lisa


Hi Carole.
I just want to let you know I received the cookie cutter. I love it and so does my mother!! Thank you so much for a wonderful cutter and such a smooth and quick transaction!!

Hi Carole, the penny rug is fantastic. Please give the maker (don't have
her name in front of me) my regards for the beauty of her work.

Mornin’ glory!! My package was waiting when I got home yesterday. Since the basket is for Gerry, I didn’t open it. But the mirror ... there aren’t words to tell you how I love it. I love that it’s tall, I love the color of the wood, but mostly I love that wavy glass. It truly is magnificent. As always, I’m not sure where it’s going. Right now I’m leaning toward the corner of the cabinet in the hall bathroom. But that might change. It would look great in the bedroom, too. I don’t know, but I have all weekend to work on it. It is simply beautiful.


Hi Carole, I just received the dog template and I love it ! Thank you so much, it got here so fast!!! Could you find out how much the smallest canister in the tulip pattern is and also the dimensions of ir? You did check on it before but I can't remember how much it was. You're right....Spring is here!!!! Tina


Carole, I appreciate and enjoy shopping with you. I can always depend on great customer service...Thank you!


Just to let you know I received my package yesterday. I just love the turkey cookie cutter. I didn’t realize his size, which makes him so special. My other favorite is the tiny heart mold I got from you while ago. I am sorry I missed that great bee’s wax thread waxer. I collect sewies and it would have looked great on my shelf. I di check everyday, but one can’t always be first! Thanks!


Hi Carole,
I received the pewter spoon...love it!
and the magazine, which is always a treat. Thanks for sending them out so quickly. Have a great week!


Carole, I absolutely love the silhouette of granpa Parrish! It is delightful! When I look at his image I feel like I should want to know him.
Something about his nose, the gentle curve of his smiling mouth and the way he holds his gloves makes him seem warm and friendly. I am very pleased with it. Thank you for recruiting such wonderful
treasures to pass on to your customers!


Hi Carole,
Wanted to let you know that my spoon rack is here and I LOVE it !!! Thank you so much.


Thank you...I love the magazing Simple Life Fall:) - G


Hello, Carole,
Having just viewed your DVD, I have to tell you what a delight it was. The photography is wonderful
and the editing is just short of genius, the way the pictures fade and fit each other, color and shapewise.
The music is the perfect, soothing background, not intrusive, leaving the viewer to relax and enjoy the
subject matter. My friend and I are both delighted with our purchase. Keep up the good work!
Joan V.


I knew the pewter would be awesome because I have coasters...I was hoping the plates would be as heavy as the coasters and they are....I truly love them and the aged feel...the tiny salt holder w/spoon is so cute...LOVE.


Carole -My wonderful, wonderful little Amish hats arrived and I’m telling you, I love them. I already had one that I got from you some time ago, so that now this gives me two straw and two Sunday hats. I also have that tiny little bonnet and a nice black Sunday bonnet, both children’s. I need a big, deep shelf with pegs under it to put all of them on. Wouldn’t that look good? I could decorate the shelf on top and put Amish children’s clothes and hats on the pegs. Thank you for offering me those hats. You are the bestest girl in the whole world!!!

Love you –



Well.. guess what has arrived at my doorstep? A large box of treasures!! I am delighted with everything. The pie crimper is fabulous! The bone crimper, the all wood crimper, the tin & wood crimper are all fine pieces. I have never seen any of these types of crimpers in this part of the country. The early quilt bindings are wonderful. I am glad that I bought the two of them for they compliment each other nicely. What a sweet early dyed basket! Love the color and patina.



Carole; The blue striped pitcher arrived this afternoon safe and sound. I love it!
Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.


Hi Carole: I got the coffee pot on Saturday. I wanted you to know how pleased I am with it. I love and collect old tin and this is by far the centerpiece of my collection. Thank you so much.


Carole, oh my gosh, I completely forgot to thank you so much for the
beautiful CD. I had actually purchased that and your
wonderful DVD some months ago, but I'll give this one to my daughter, as
I know she'll love it. I could listen to that all day, and my husband and I enjoyed the DVD immensely; it just transports me back in time to when I really think I was meant to be born! (only if I was wealthy
though -haha!)
Thanks again for your thoughtfulness Carole!


Good morning, Carole! I received the stool last night. It is absolutely the sweetest little stool in the entire world! Thank you so much for finding it!



I so appreciate your road trips to obtain Amish items & I am always amazed that they are available for the non-Amish community. Thank you for all you do.


Hi. I received the pin cushion yesterday. That was fast! I just love it and your website is the very best! I think I photo copied every page so as not to forget these wonderful things. Thank you.


Hi Carole,
The mugs are wonderful!!! Thank you. Tina


Carole, My sister received her angel and loved it!! I thank you very much. The wait was worth it. I am glad I found your web site and will check there often for gifts. Thanks again,


Hi Carole! I just received the package containing the cookie cutters and they are just perfect! I acquired five hens last fall, so the chicken form is going to be used quite a bit I think. Thank you so much. Each time I receive a package from you it is like Christmas.

I'm not sure if I let you know how much I love the old mirror I purchased awhile back. Please forgive me if that is the case. My house has quite a nice little collection of treasures that I found in your Country Store. You continue to bless us with your wonderful finds!

Hope you aren't suffering to much in the heat wave. It's just wretched for those who aren't used to it. Take care,



Oh my gosh!!! Thank you, I am thrilled that I was able to buy the 19th century brass/bronze bell! Mark will be happy too. He absolutely loves bells, especially the old bells; sleigh bells, farm bells with beautiful rings. He would really like me to find an antique large church bell someday for him. Can you imagine someone packing that thing!


Hi Carole: I love this bowl! It has such personality and I'll bet lots of stories to tell. Wouldn't that be fun??? Thank You, Carole, for another great primitive.


Hi, I just wanted to let you know I received the arnold print works cat with the bell inside. I am so pleased. He is great in starting collection. I am always interested in these little guys Cats, dog, rabbit, . If I can find them under $100. I know that is a hard one to do. But do keep me in mind.
Thanks so much. Have a great day.


Hi Carole,
The green box arrived today and it’s great. Thanks for getting it here so fast! Will surely be in touch again. Hope you had a nice holiday and that spring is there!
Best, V


Hello Carole! I say! What better way than to end the day opening not one box , nay, but three from Carole's store! Hooray!! All items have arrived safe and sound. The child's Amish lined black bonnet is delightful. So tiny and quaint. I can just imagine a sweet child's head filling the bonnet. Oh the darling scallop top child's shoes! How wonderful. I like the green pantry box. One can still see traces of gold stenciling on the top and side. The heavy duty early red mortar and pestle are also wonderful. I especially like the worn ground down look of the pestle and the blackened interior of the mortar. That certainly attests to a busy woman in the kitchen! Thank you for boxing everything carefully. These are special items. It is good to see things from the past so lovingly cherished and preserved and available for us collectors decades later to admire.




The wire basket is absolutely fabulous!!! I love it to bits!!Thank you so very much! Pat


Hi carole, you are a sweetheart for answering so quickly. My husband Michael just bought the wire basket .This would have been purchased sooner, but Michael just got in. I am always looking at your site and drooling...You have great items! I treasure what I have purchased from you. Thanks, Pat



Hi Carole,
The wonderful little spice box arrived on Friday ~ we love it,
I was delighted by how petite it actually is; we've never seen one like it! Have a great day, -Sharon


Hi Carole: I LOVE this basket. It's old and wonderful.......
just like us! (well, as far as old, I should just speak for myself) But, you really have a knack for finding great antiques. I have it displayed with my other favorite rye baskets.....all purchased from you. Thank You.


Good morning Carole ~ just want to let you know I received the ledger page, and we just love it; thank you so much for letting me know you had it!
Have a wonderful week!




Happy Friday Carole! The apple box and sewing pockets arrived today – love them all! Those sewing pockets are just precious, and I do love the bittersweet color and how worn and old the table box is – I will enjoy all these things! You have a wonderful weekend ~ thank you, Sharon




Thanks Carole,will you tell Kim that I love Eli and that I collect antique rag dolls only I would never have bought a repo.but never say never he looks like the real deal! I love him he is sitting on an antique childs church pew all by him self with some old quilts and he needs a friend, so a horse that could be by his side would be great.Thanks and have a great week!


Good Morning Carole, Just wanted to let you know that the shaker water dipper came yesterday and I love it. Have a great weekend! Thanks, Kris



Hello dear Carole! I wanted to drop you a quick note this morning to let you know how much I just adore the cat I purchased a couple of weeks ago! I can imagine it was hard to part with! But rest assured she is treasured here in her new home. I hope all is well with you. I do keep up with you on your blog, even if I do not always leave a remark. It is always one of my favorite stops in my day.
Fondly, Joy




I have received the ledger page. It is special! I noticed that you double packaged it.
Good thinking. I appreciate your care. Have a wonderful weekend!




Thank you, I received the dress today and it is perfect for my new doll project!
- J




Oh Carole...
I just received the quilt and my goodness words don't express how happy I am
..the tiny-est little stitches...and the color is wonderful..
...thanks for the most impressive wrapping ever...just wonderful...thank you so much...I love it !!! - Beverly




Happy New Year Carole! My husband joined me today for lunch by the fireplace watching your Early America DVD video. He was as captivated as I was. What a delightful journey back into early America! The photography is stunning and the birds sounds and music are soothing to the soul. Thank you for blessing me with this extraordinary video.



Boy, I’ve got some mighty pretty sleigh bells hanging from the big post at the foot of my stairs! They arrived Friday night. Every time I pass them I have to jingle them. What a wonderful sound they have! Love ‘em!! Thank you again for sending them early so I could enjoy them for Christmas.





Hi Carole ~ The beautiful silhouette arrived today; my daughter is going to flip out when she opens it ~ I can't wait!! Thanks and have a wonderful day,




Carole, I received my checkerboard today. It's wonderful. Love it ! Thank you once more for taking the time to do it for me. -Jan



Good Evening, just arrived home from work - and my
ledger paper was waiting on me - it is so good - I plan
to frame it with 2 other old ledger papers - in an old
frame - again thank you for finding such fun items -
have a nice weekend, Simply,
- Deb




Thanks again, Carole. As always, you do a wonderful job in bringing us wonderful works of art which add so much to our homes and indeed our souls. Have a very good weekend!







Hi Carole,
I just got back from the post office and was shocked at how quick my bowl arrived. : )
It is even better in person and I didnt think that was possible. Thank you sooo much


Hello Carole,
I've been having a fun time shopping in your wonderful store over the last few weeks. Everything...
the tin plate with rolled edges, the red stool, and the red stone grape...are all just beautiful. This morning I purchased the large sleigh bells for myself, and the smaller ones for a gift. Would it be possible to get another set of the smaller ones? They will make great gifts. Hope you and yours are enjoying this wonderful time of year. Thanks so much,

Hi Carole ~
The package with the wonderful items arrived safe and sound on Friday, and as usual, everything is just beautiful ~ such mellow, gorgeous
patina! Of course I had to look at your website right away this morning
and discovered a few other things I can't live without! Thanks Carole; have a wonderful week!


Thanks for the email............I visit your blog frequently and really enjoy your words and fantastic pictures. I do feel like I am along with you on your antiquing trips..........only I come home empty handed Thank you for taking the time to share so much with all of your readers. While I have the opportunity, I just wanted to let you know that I am still enjoying the wonderful DVD that I purchased from you as well. We are FINALLY going to move into the tech. age and get a flat screen TV............can't wait to see it on "the big screen"! Have a great weekend,

Hi Carole, I am able to tell you that I love the CD that I ordered. My only 'complaint' is that it did not come with a list of what songs /playlist is on it. I really like the CD and would like to find more music like that to listen to, but I don't know where to start without a playlist. Regardless, it is a lovely CD. Thank you.
I like how attentive you are to your customers. I have already added your website to my favorites list. Regards,



Hi Carole!
I want you to know how pleased that I am with the purchases that I made earlier this month; the 19th century glasses & child’s red socks are wonderful items! You have exciting antiques & quality artisan items. What is you guess on the age of the red socks that I bought? I just purchased the 1757 complaint manuscript. I can’t wait to look at it and hold it. I will be purchasing a few other items of yours on the 1st of October. You can wait to mail all of the items together if you prefer. I am pleased to be your new customer! Best regards,



Hi Carole... I just had to let you know I received my Kim Sivak boy doll today, I LOVE HIM!!! Thank you again and
I will forward a picture as soon as he gets seated in the
perfect place! Have a great evening!



Hi Carole! I ordered the rye basket, the wax , and the brown thread. I find so much pleasure in the simple things. Actually, everything I get from you works out AAA++ Thanks. Stacey

Dear Carole, Your DVD arrived yesterday and has been playing ever since..it is just lovely! I am going to purchase at least one morre for a gift
Do you have any others like this? I would love to know more.



I received the little chest...it's a sweetheart.


My Dear Carole....
My Sarah stopped off at the post office and picked up the rug for me.... HONEY... I JUST LOVE IT!!!! It is sooooo precious to me!!! You really do a WONDERFUL job with your website... and I adore your blog.


Hi Carole I receive the prayer bench today tues. Thank you so much I love it and you packed it nice and shipped fast thanks again
- Faith


Dear Carole
I received my rabbit in the mail today ~ I love it! Thank you for sending it so quickly.

The post card you enclosed was just wonderful! I think I'll have to take time to browse your store again in a few days and order some.
Take Care & God Bless,


Hi Carole,
I wanted to email and let you know I received your package of cards yesterday in the mail - they are absolutely wonderful. They are so gorgeous and I wanted to thank you personally - I was blown away
by them, truly!
I just wanted to thank you so very much.


Carole, dear, I adored your DVD! The photos, of course , are exquisite. The way it was put togehter is wonderful and the music is pure genius. I was close to tears with the combo of the music and the photo of the little blacck boots You created a masterpiece! Love,
- Trevette



Hi Carole received everything safe and sound love it all thanks again
- Linda



Hi Carole!
The box arrived!!! Yup...they forwarded it to me....WHOO HOO!! The transferware is beautiful!!!! It goes just perfect with the pieces I already have. :o) Thanks so much. Don't forget to keep your eye's open for more. I'll love these forever......oh, the little socks I bought from you...are up for Santa to fill...and they look wonderful!!! ;O)
Thanks again
- Carole



Dear Carole,
I have been meaning to write this note for a long while. I'm the lady who bought the little red shoes, and I absolutely love them. Red is my favorite color! Also, the Shooner fish you offered in your store now resides on the bookcase in the same room along side other Shooner Redware. It looks super.
I am so happy to have found your Country Store. Looking forward to many more great purchases...
- Robyn



Hi Carole,
I love my Bear!!! His face is adorable...and that is what I strive to get in a bear...that face...the basket and Cat are just what I wanted...I really appreciate your fast shipping and great Vintage items....


When I got home yesterday, my box from you was waiting. The skirt is fabulous. That’s the only word I can think of to describe it. I love it. The bonnet, too. I’d love to find three black dresses (or capes or coats) to hang on a peg rack and put a black bonnet over each one of them. Would that look good in a bedroom or what? I have the black shawl I got from you, so that could be one peg, but I still need at least three more. Oh, well ... something to look forward to!

Hello Carole:
The "heart-and-hand" picture and card have arrived! Both are very lovely! It is obvious that you have very high standards of handwork - both for you own work and for the artists you represent! I'm very glad i purchased both items! Best regards,



Carole-Both packages arrived safe and sound. I love it all BUT the little basket with the berry just took my breath away!!! I can not tell you how much I love it!!! It is so sweet and it looks wonderful every where. I have put it where I can keep looking at it. When I get over its loveliness, I will put it in a better spot. Thanks a bunch! -Pat



Hey sweetie! My prizes came Thursday. Carole, they are wonderful. Oh, my
gosh - I can't imagine the first little girl would have been any better than this one. And I do love the boy, too. Later, Dudette -

Hello Carole,
Wanted to let you know that I received both hat stand and Julie Bailey's doll Hester.
My daughter loves her hat stand and has her pretty vintage hat sitting on top of it.
Hester arrived yesterday and she is absolutely lovely. She is among her friends!!!
Thanks so much and have a Happy New Year!!

Yours are my favorite cards to send. I always have to go back for more.
- Marsha

Good Morning Carole,
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the books that i recently purchased from you. Both of them are just wonderful and the shipping was super fast. Have a wonderful weekend. Take Care,

My goodies arrived yesterday and I just love them!! The little trencher is precious, as is the tiny box of Fun to Wash soap powder. I knew about the large clothes pins, but not the baby ones. I’ve never seen any that small. Thank you for them. Also, thank you for the mitten ornie. I hung it on the door of the corner cabinet that holds my teddy bears. You are so very sweet. Oh, and the scrub board. I love that it’s so narrow. I’m going to hang it in a bathroom over a little shelf, on which I’ll put the Fun to Wash, the clothespins and a piece of quilt. I have an old Octagon Soap sign to go with it. What fun tomorrow will be!
Thank you,!!


Good morning! Just a quick note to let you know my box of goodies arrived yesterday. Oh, Carole, I love everything, but I am absolutely wild over the basket. I don’t even know where I’m going to put it, but it will go somewhere that it can be appreciated for its wonderful shape (Lord, I wish somebody would say that about me!!). The little dress is wonderful, too. The bonnet, the bloomers … I’m thrilled with everything. Thank you so much.Catch up with you later ..





oh my ...
the little teapot arrived this afternoon and it's just as sweet as a baby pea.
The doll ladyes are admiring it & have taken their favorite tea cups down
from the old cupboard and have gotten the tea table ready. It's perfect & precious.and just right, thanks Carole, love,



Hi Carole. I got my gorgeous fruit yesterday. We were snowed out for a couple of days.I love it. Thanks so much. Let me know when you get anything really special. Talk soon. Have a great weekend.
All my best.



Dear Carole... I just wanted to email you and let you know that the print arrived yesterday... or perhaps it was the day before.. I can not remember... BUT IT IS WONDERFUL!!! Absolutely WONDERFUL!!!! I could not be more happy!! Thank you for the wonderful service and the fabulous print from Jackie!!!!HAVE A DELIGHTFUL UP-COMING WEEKEND!!
- faye




Hi Carole,
I received the little shoes today and so very pleased.They are the cutest and the sweetest.! I also just purchased the Amish bonnet. Very pretty.





Hi Carole,I received the beautiful doll. I love her. She fits nicely in my basket mounted on the wall. I might have to get her a companion some time in the future





Carole, My delightful package came today – the spice box is absolutely exquisite; Susan is an outstanding artist! Love the dolly too! Have a wonderful day,





The fruit arrived and is lucious. You know what this means---I will be looking for MORE fruit to add to it. Thanks so much!



Just wanted to let you know I received my bonnet and kitty yesterday. I love them both! Thanks so very much.Merry Christmas!




Dear Carole: Guess what just arrived safe & sound?!!!! Santa looks awesome on my mantle. Happiest of Holidays!!!!
- Faith



Hi Carole,
I received my goods and they are fantastic! Everything is better then described.I am very happy with my purchase. I love all of it! I love shopping in your store and reading your blog. I love early Americana and antiques in general. I always have. The more original and 'loved' up the better! Anyways, I'll be visiting often!


Hi, Just wanted to write and thank you for your wonderful customer service. The care taken putting my order together, and answering my queries was greatly appreciated. My bonnet arrived safe and sound in Australia this week, and I am delighted with it. My father, a woodturner, is making a stand to display it on. Once again, thank you. I will be visiting your Country Store again. Kind regards,




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Hi Carole, The little stool arrived and it is SO Cute. I really like it and thanks for the quick shipment. -Dianne

Good afternoon Carole, I received my items from you already and they made my day!!!!! The fabric ball is outstanding – and the note cards are wonderful – remind me of Pa. – East Berlin and Gettysburg area. Again thank you for supplying us with high quality items for our period homes. Simply, -Deb

Hi Carole!
It’s so nice to hear from you, but I have not gotten the print yet. Great things come to those who wait! Here’s hoping it comes today or tomorrow. I’ll let you know when I get it. I think of you every day, because when things get to a ridiculously nasty level here at work, I give myself a Country Store break and browse through your website…it never fails to cheer me up! Thanks for restoring my sanity all the time!


Good morning, Carole!

The Trone print was waiting for me when I got home last night. It is just perfect! It looks so lovely on the living room wall above the window seat! Thank you so much! It was definitely worth the wait! Thanks once again for being there on your website when I feel like I am going to have a melt-down at work! Talk with you soon,

Hi Carol, I received the heart cookie cutter today. I am very pleased with my purchase! I don't think I ever acknowledged receipt of the child's cookie cutters I got from you earlier in the winter. They look great with my other old kitchen collectables. Right now they are sitting in the heart cookie cutter I received from you. I enjoy perusing your web site. Who knows when I will find something else I just have to have!
Thank you,

Got my rag ball the other day, super fast shipping and great packing. I just love it!! the colors are perfect I am very particular about the rag balls I buy, and this one is definitely a keeper. Love your website!


THE LITTLE WAX BIRD IS JUST WONDERFUL!!! I am sooooooooo pleased! And it smells so good!!! I have placed him here, there and every where, because he looks great any where! Thanks again, take care my cyber friend, Pat


Love the lamb!!!!

Carole- I will try not to cry :). I am just really glad that I was able to get the cutting board and the shredder. You always provide such excellent customer service- it is always a pleasure to buy something from you. Thanks for being on the lookout for another rolling pin for me.I really appreciate you!


Hi Carole, Just letting you know the dolls arrived safely in Australia . They are so beautiful, my wife is in love with them all. Thanks, I will keep looking on your site.
regards dominic--


Hello Carole, I received my sleigh bells today, they are WONDERFUL!! Thank you so much for such quick shipping. It was a pleasure doing business with you again. Lisa

Hi, We received the book today and it looks great,
Lois Barone

Hi Carole, I received the stencil book and am very happy with it. I will enjoy reading and trying my hand at stenciling. It was great doing business with you and look forward to doing business again. Take care Carole, I truly wish you the very best. -Linda


Hi Carole - I received the stone apple yesterday and love it. I had a very old breadboard and 19th century knife and the apple just makes the display perfect. Thanks so much. I will keep checking your site.!!

The watermelon slice just arrived, I love it!!! Thank you again......Nancy.


Hi Carole, I want to tell you how much I love the full silhouette of the man - it's terrific, and the heart trivet is very special too! I'll be sure to check out your website so I don't miss something I really, really need! :) Do you think you'll be listing the new items over the weekend or next week?


I got home from work to find your package this evening. Love the painting. Now, I need to find the right spot to display it.
Thanks so much!


Hello Carole Dianne, . . .regarding my wonderful early pieces. They arrived so quickly, almost sooner than you sent them (if possible). You pack so beautifully and, having just come across your site, I'm no expert but I think you have some of the nicest antiques that I have seen in a long while. The small carrier is adorable and the paint looks to me like that really early blue, almost black, that is hard to come by. I love it!!! The fig is precious and so are the wooden eggs. This is my first pickle scooper and I don't know how I got along without it (not that I intend to use it). I will keep an eye on your site, soooo wonderful.


Good morning Carole I received the creamer. It loooks so fantasiec with the sugar bowl. Thank you for checking if they could make another smaller canister. Maybe in time they will. Thanks so much for everyhthing, Tina

Good morning Carol;
Just wanted to let you know that the little hooked rug arrived late yesterday and it is lovely. Please thank Louise and let her know how much I love it. I don't think I have an e-mail address for her. Have a lovely day, it's snowing in northern Ohio this morning, a fat, puffy flake snow. Very pretty. Till next time,


Carole, I received it (the cookie jar) Monday, perfect condition...packed so well. It is beautiful ! I brought one years ago, added to my collection as I can and rare as they are to find I now have five. I started with the old Lance, etc. jars about 35 or so years. I still enjoy them but love the simplicity of the simple glass/tin top jar...my taste has changed thought out the years. Thank you for offering the jar...I have been looking at it on your website for quite a while. So glad I finally bought it !!
- Charlotte


Hi Carole, I just received the canister. It is really beautiful and everything looks so great together. . .I hope you're getting all the warm weather we have had for the last two days. I'm getting spring fever! Thanks, Tina


Hello Carole! Just a note to say the doll arrived today and I am just thrilled with her. Her little shoes and the journal are exquisite as well!
She made the journey in perfect condition thanks to expert packing and in record time. I will treasure her and I thank you so much for selling her to
me, having it shipped back and out again, I am so pleased! The
American Country - Toys and Games book also arrived this week and it too was delightful.
Thanks again Carole for making a drippy February just like Christmas!
Regards, Donna


Thanks. The spoon came today and it is great.

Hi Carole,
I have been saying "Oh! Oh! Oh! with great delight every time I pick
up and hold the golden teddy bear that has just arrived at my home! He
is ADORABLE!! I can't stop gazing at him and cuddling him! I have
named him Nosey Goldey as his nose bears witness to lots of inquisitive nose pokes or lots of cuddles from someone that adored him decades before me. Old well-loved teddies are so special. I love him!
He is in a another good home!


Dear Carole:
Thanks soooooooo much Carole, you are a wonderful person to deal with.


Hi Carole -
Just opened box - I just LOVE all of them!!!! Precious!!!!! Thank you soooo very much!! Smiling :)


Carole, the braided mat just arrived, it is really great! The colors are great and the braids are nicer than the photo showed.
I will check back from time to time.
Thanks, Linda


Wanted to let you know that I received my tulips and I love them!!!!
Thanks again,


Carole - You work hard to make sure all customers are happy...searching to bring us antiques, etc. that you, yourself would be proud to own...thank you! -C


Hi Carole,
Yes, I do some collecting of unique Halloween items, so I would be interested in seeing any photos you might have.
Also, I was very pleased with the "Poison" Skeleton figure and mugs. They will be quite an interesting Halloween prop as well as a nice collectible. Thank you for packaging them so well and for the quick delivery.


Hey Carole....
I just got into the box . . . and everything is beyond WONDERFUL!!! I am so very pleased!! Thank you for offering such wonderful things!!
Have a wonderful day!! -faye


Hi Carole:
I got the little red ware dish today. I just love it. I have put some little heart soaps in it. Thank you again.


Carole-Three boxes have arrived! I have to remind myself to go s---l---o---w when opening boxes from Carole's store. The excitement makes my fingers move faster than they should! I just have to tell you how pleased I am with the items from your shop. Oh my, oh my!! When I opened up the 1828 deed, it took my breath away! How beautiful the writing is. The early Philadelphia mustard grain measure is fantastic! What a great piece. I love the color & the incised Philadelphia mark. I feel honored to own such wonderful treasures.Thanks again!


Carole -This is the third time I have purchased something that has already sold...it's very disappointing.

( Sorry if sometimes you order something then find it's been "SOLD". We have to put the sold on manually, and sometimes several orders come in before we can change. Someday maybe we can automate it. But for now - sorry.
-Carole )



Good morning Carole. Just wanted to let you know that everything arrived in great shape on Thursday. Everything is wonderful as always.
Have a wonderful week!


Hi Carole!
Just wanted to let you know that my sheep bell arrived safely today! Sweet!
If my sheep wore collars, I think I just might have to add the bell...it would sound lovely! Take care, -Jenny


I would like to thank you for my new dvd. I have watched it every day since I received it in the mail. I really appreciate your artistic expressions. I am familiar with the Getteysburg Address, but now I can just about recite by heart!


Oh the joy when one opens a package from Carole's Country Store!! Everything is delightful! The early 19th c. bell is absolutely fabulous!!! I called my dear husband to dinner with the bell! He loved it (both the sound and the food)!! The tone is wonderful and the patina on the brass and the worn leather look is just right. The bell looks like it has seen six hundred summer suns! I have never seen a bell quite like this one. What an amazing treasure. Thanks!


Hi Carole.
I received the book yesterday — it's great, thank you.
I also liked your postcard, very cool!

Carole,I want to let you know that the boxes from your store have arrived safe and sound. You did a superb job in packing and cushioning the items. I appreciate the care you take in protecting each item.


Hi Carole,
I just purchased the early 19th c. initialed flax comb. I couldn't let it go. I love everything about it; the carved initials, the old stuffing, the small size. It will rest in my red basket with the flax string that I purchased a while ago from you.


Hello Carole,
Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I have arrived in CT and I love the cradle!! Thank you so much! Yes, it was packed very well and made a safe journey!
I have to tell you that the tombstone board that just sold has been haunting me! Now, I can rest and not be tempted. I'm sure you know that feeling!
Enjoy and thank you again...Regards


Hi Carole, My mirror and hangers came. I love everything!
Thank you so much for the prompt shipping!
I'll keep my eyes on your site! You do a lovely job!
-Lori Ann


Good morning Carole! Hope all is well. I received 'the board' yesterday! I love it! Thank you so much! It was wrapped so nicely. Were you a professional gift wrapper in a previous life? Ha.
Take care and thank you again. Regards, J



Hello Carole,
The package arrived yesterday ~ what a fun collection of goodies! The hooked rug and coasters are just beautiful; I just love the rich texture that hooked wool objects bring to a room! The little heart-shaped ice cream mold, tiny red sewing pocket, and the bird pinkeep are very fun too ~ I’ve really been spoiling myself having a package come from you every few days! Thanks so much,
Have a great day,



Hello – the package with the little dress and the little boy’s hat arrived Friday. I just want to sit and hold them. They are wonderful. Thank you!!



Hi Carole,
I received my sweet little pocket today. Soooo cute! Also wanted to tell you that I love the wooden hangers. Have a great evening! -Naomi



Hi Carole - I received your package today and I luv that sweet, sweet little Amish dress.
Have a great week.
Best - Margaret in Oregon



How-dee Carole!
I'm quick on the draw...many times I've 'contemplated' far too long on one-of-a-kind treasures only to discover them gggggone! I'm just tickled to have purchased them. I can only imagine the hands that once used the butter mold. All of your items are really wonderful! Have a great day!



I bought a doll made by Kim Sivak and wow! You can see
the love and care put in to her dolls.Look forward to more and would love one of her horses to go with
Eli. Carole thanks for quick ship and for having such a
warm site! Thanks from a happy new customer! Sylvia



Hi Carole: I have the sweetest little book sitting on my desk! It has a great old inscription and drawing and is covered in the most beautiful old brown calico. I Love it!!! Thanks again, Carole. Oooooo, I love getting your packages!!!!!!



Hi Carole. Thanks for the apple box -- it's great. Keep me in mind for anything else you find......
Thanks again.




Good morning, Carole! Your package arrived yesterday afternoon about 5:00 p.m. ~ which is when I get my daily mail. Sending you an email was on my 'to-do' list this morning. I understand completely about the mail so no worries! As for the kitty ~ well, let's just say I am purring. He is so adorable and looks right at home with his mother. I am having fun deciding where they are going to live. Everything I receive from you adds so much to my home. It's as if you are my personal shopper! lol Again, many thanks.




Hello Carole, I received the cookie press and hangers yesterday and am very pleased with both! I will be checking back often to your store now that I have found it. It was a pleasure to buy from you. Thank you so much, Cathy




I received the pewter bowl yesterday and wanted to let you know I do love it. I collect old sewing things like old spools, a darner, packs of needles, old scissors, pin keeps and emeries, to mention a few, which will look great in it. My friend wasn’t so keen on it because of the dents and bumps and said he would take it outside and bang them out! ARE YOU KIDDING! That is what is so wonderful about it! Men, what do they know? Thought you would get a chuckle out of that. Thanks again!





Carole- the dress arrived yesterday, and the only word I can think of to describe it is fabulous. Just the simplicity and plainness (is there such a word as “plainness”?) of it is wonderful. I cannot wait to get it on the peg rack with the shawl and bonnets.
Later ‘tater –




Good Morning and Happy New Year, Thank you so much for researching the ledger pages that you have had in the
store. I bought one of the first ones and I really like - means even more to me now - hopefully you will be able to get more. Must get ready to go to work - have a good winter day. Simply,




Hi Carole!

I opened the checkerboard this afternoon! I am very pleased with it. The colors are perfect too. It matches my mustard & black throw rug in front of the sink & a primitive small oil floor mat painted by a local Washington state artist as well as the yellowware that I have out on display. You have no idea how long I have wanted to buy one of those antique game boards. Thank you for your effort. I appreciate it.



I forgot to mention earlier how well I like the old black Amish knit socks with the red & green zigzag design. They are fabulous! I'm sure they would have lasted less than 1 hour in your shop! I appreciate that you let me know about them before they hit the floor. As it happened, they flew far, far away, over the mountains and through the woods to grandmother's house, all the way to Oregon!

Take care,



Hi Carole: The little Amish hat arrived today. It's sweet as can be and in perfect condition (as your items always are). I could kick myself for not getting the little jacket! You have marvelous things in your store and I wish I could buy every one of them! Have a Happy Holiday and bake lots of cookies


Hi Carole, I received the ragball yesterday, and it couldn't be more perfect!! Thanks so much, take care,


Oh Carole!! I just love her! But then I love everything I order from you. I know we are not supposed to be so materialistic (ahem), but whenever I receive a package from you I know I am about to receive a little "comfort and joy" into my life. Many, many blessings to you and yours this Christmas season. Fondly,

Love it.Thanks.
- Suzy

Hello Carole!
I have received 2 packages safe & sound. The coverlet is beautiful. There is a lot of detail with the flowers, urns and snowflakes. The powder horn is a great piece of history. It will be hangingin around the fireplace soon. The pewter plate is already in my kitchen & the sock cat sits in an old basket that holds newspapers. His scrunchy face puts a smile on my face every time I glimpse him! I like all of the items Carole! Thanks again for all of your hard work. God bless you and your family.


Carole -I've ordered antiques from some other people and have been disappointed several times because the items don't turn out to be exactly as they were presented to be, but that's not the case with your
things ~ they're always wonderful!


Hi Carole: I love Sarah! She looked so sweet curled up in her box. As I unpacked her, I actually got a little teary and hugged her. Carole, thank you so much for finding these wonderful artisans and antiques for us. I love everything I've ever purchased from you! Have a beautiful fall evening

Hey Carole!
Happy day! I received 3 boxes today! Our post office was not open yesterday due to the holiday, so they might have arrived ealier. I have just opened one of the boxes so far before dinner. I am anxious to open all three & look at each and every item. The skirt is wonderful! I just kept repeating "It's so wonderful! It's so wonderful!" I have the preacher cookie cutter already displayed on my shelf. Old stuff is exciting. I love the history attached ( I am a history major). You have a great eye for selecting quality items. When I have time I'll take some photos. I think your suggestion is a good idea. I was thinking just this morning how our own personal vinettes would make fine country photo cards. Thank you for all of your hard work in photographing, displaying & packaging your items. Have a great evening.



I love your Customer's Page. I visit it once or twice a day because I love looking at pictures of your customer's homes. That was a great idea! I also enjoy
reading your blog, which lifts my day. In your Country Store, you recently had a wonderful push-up candle holder in blue. I was on vacation that
week, so I missed my chance to purchase it. If you come
across another one, I would be really interested in



Dear Carole,
The donkey is an absolute delight! Honestly, I just took him out of the box this afternoon! I couldn't be more pleased. Certainly a pleasure and blessing to have Kim's work in my home.



Hi Carole, Just wanted to let you know how very much I've enjoyed the Early American music cd. It has such a calming effect. Even the "soundeffects" of the horses trotting through the village, the chirping birds, etc can just transport you from this busy world, back into that time. And the Gettysburg Address
...what can I say. It's something we should listen to often enough to remind us of the sacrifices that have been made throughout our history for our benefit. P.S. The little photo of the lady that was enclosed is going to be put on one of my homespun-covered books with perhaps a piece or two of vintage lace or ribbon.



Hi -I received my brass trivet and I love it. I do love hearts so if you get any primitive or folk art items that have heart motif I'd appreciate your letting me know. Thanks for your efficiency in this transaction.
- Kathy


Hi Carole: Got the package. Thanks for the quick shipping ! Great little bird!


Hi Carole, received the crock and just absolutely love it! A very nice piece and thank you for all your help and time, have a great weekend!


Hi Carole. I got my cupboard and it is awesome. Thanks!


Hello Carol,
The little baby shoes arrived last Friday and they touched my heart at once. They’re so beautiful! I placed them on my favourite dresser in the living room so I can see them all day.Thank you!


Carole: Love the little rooster.Thank you.
Hope we can do more soon.


I just LOVE these cards! I can't get enough ! I enjoy sending them
as much as the receiver loves seeing them!
Hope you are well my friend ~ Jill



Bonnet arrived this morning and I am delighted with it. Thank you, Carole, and please keep me on your radar. We like similar things.



Hi Carole,
I wanted you to know how very much I loved your DVD.The colors, the music, each new picture that came up was just amazing and I thought I might even have seen a few treasures that I recognized...! Just so beautiful, all of it. It made me sit down for over an hour and have my tea and relax, something I rarely am able to do and this is such a wonderful way to do that.
- C



Carole: I received the DVD today and immediately played it. The images are stunning. The music is so beautiful!! I loved the children laughing and the birds singing. This is my Christmas present to myself! I hope you will do more of these...maybe Christmas next. Thanks again for this beautiful DVD.
- Ginny



Carole, I LOVE the darling little blue spongeware sugar bowl. It is more precious than I had imagined. It is wonderful!
- Christine



Hi Carole: Oh, I love this breadboard !!! And yes, thanks to you, I do have a great collection going. I would never be able to find any thing like this around here. I envy you having all of those great places to find primitives! I love your picture of the green pantry boxes in the blue cabinet.....fabulous! Thank You......you made my day!



Hi Carole, Just received the weights and I am so thrilled. They are a perfect addition to the room's vintage decor. Thanks again.
- Diane



Carole:I received the DVD and it is wonderful, better than I could of imagined. I turned it on while ironing, not my favorite chore; it took me back in time. It was such a delight and I was so intrigued by it that I did not even realize that in no time my ironing was finished. I am going to have friends over, light the fire, bring out the hot cider and listen to their glee, as they too love all the things that you and I love. I will watch it often and continue to be grateful for our wonderful history and the people who have preserved it.



Hello!!! Thanks Carole, the candlebox arrived today safe and sound!! I love shopping on your website for antiques, I feel I can really trust you to sell actual vintage merchandise, and that you know from experience what is and what is not a reproduction. Thank you my new primitive friend,
- Jan

Hi Carol! My mom purchased your DVD in Lexington, Ky. the other day, and we could hardly wait to get home to watch it! It's wonderful!!! We had no idea there was anything out there like it. While watching it, and oohing & ahing over everything, when a picture of two dolls came up I screemed "my dolls, there's my dolls!" I couldn't believe they were on your DVD! The dolls were "Toby & Sarah". The boy doll has a painted face/hair and wearing suspenders, and the girl has a mustard homespun dress with flax hair.
Over the years, I have sold so many dolls.
Thanks so much for making something sooooo enjoyable for those who love things of old!

Hi Carole,
Please forgive me for taking such a long time to write and tell you how very much I love the bandbox. I was absolutely thrilled when it arrived. It is such a diminutive little work of art. Thank you so much for your wonderful service and all the information on it. I really appreciate it and look forward to future business.
Kindest Regards,

Hi Carole, I love your store I have the dvd and the music, I so love it, Thanks so much,
- Cheryl


Hi Carole! Remember me, I live in Washington state and I ordered your DVD several weeks ago. I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you to give you some feedback, finally I am able to write you. I LOVE THE VIDEO!!!! It is wonderful, relaxing, the music you put with the photos is incredible too. Your photography is captivating and I can't take my eyes off of it, even though I have sat through the DVD many times now. I too love to listen to the music as I do other things, but I always find myself stopping what I am doing, and looking to the video. :) As a lover of early America, it is absolutely the best! Brings me great peace, and soothes the soul. Thank you.Your friend,


Hello Carol, just a quick note to say my things arrived safely this morning! they are just beautiful thankyou so much, my grain scoup has pride of place in my primitive home,the cards are going to special friends and the DVD is for myself to enjoy. I will be back for more soon, Enjoy the rest of your day! Love
- Jane



Afternoon Carole.....Just a little story about your beautiful DVD/video....I purchased this last year, after hearing all about how wonderful this dvd is from my friends at the BLESTB group on ebay. Bought it, love it! Well, I hosted the rug hooking party for our rug hooking group this past month. We get together at each others house, rotating. We make a day of it, eating, chatting, hooking, cutting wool, drawing patterns etc, lots' of fun! When it was my turn, I had your dvd/video playing when my friends arrived. We played it all day long, at their request!!!!!!! What a delightful compliment to our day !!!!! Everybody wanted to know where I bought this dvd, I told them, and I think you should be getting/or already received some orders. Thanks so much for this dvd.....such a simple joy....
- Linda




Hi Carole, I do so love all the things I have gotten from you. There is such a warmth and radiance about them all. VERY special! Thanks for letting me know the cutting board has shipped. Each item that arrives is like Christmas for my heart! I just love touching them all and wondering about their past lives. Your website is like the DVD......warm, inviting and dreamy! I often come to visit...... just to dream a little........Thanks for that! Have a splendid evening and thanks for everything. Warmly,
- Chris





Hey, just to let you know the cat rug arrived today- so great- already hanging up and looks great with my heart sampler for Valentine's day- after Feb.14- He might move to another wall next to some old ones. I just love old hooked rugs- I only collect ones with cats. Just love him. He actually looks like one of my cats, Jack- Well thanks again-
- Tanya




Carole, The sampler arrived and it's lovely, thanks so much.
- Michele



Hello Carole ~ I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I just love those little pewter plates. They look so wonderful in my old pine dresser ~ they just make my little 18th-century heart sing! I'll have to post a photo on the blog in a few days. Thanks again and have a great weekend!




Hello Carole - My 2 packages arrived today safe and sound. Thank you for such wonderful packing ensuring their safe arrival. I love both items - they are great. I am particularly enthralled with the spice box, amazing craftsmanship. Her work is just wonderful - museum quality in my opinion. Thanks again so much.
- Gwen



I’m sure not very good at sending emails to you in a timely fashion lately (sorry) ~ the lovely basket and stone fruit apple half arrived safe and sound on Friday, I believe. I’m very pleased with both of them! Thanks for the speedy service, as usual! Have a wonderful week,



I will cherish these dolls. Thanks,





Good Evening Carole, Just got home from work and my packages had arrived. The items are outstanding to say the least - also everything was wrapped so well. Again I truly like what I purchased. Again, I'll be checking your website every other day - also I am still thinkin about the silhouttes - (not sure of spelling, it has been a long day) - I like the one with the hair after all. Again, my thanks for everything, Himes also thank you for the wonderful paper and the 2 cards that you sent - icing on the cake!!Simply

Angela's horse is just the sweetest, oh, the detail warms one's heart. Your cheerful acquaintance is truly a blessing in my life. Thank-you.

Hi Carole! Just received my food chopper and I'm very pleased! Fast shipping, well packed and a great new form to add to my collection!
Many thanks!
- Phyllis



I received my package on Tuesday night…the doll is so sweet…I’ve named her Hannah and will make her some clothes as soon as possible; the shoes are adorable as well! Thanks so much, Best regards,

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Wonderful customer photo gallery send your photos!!

Good Morning Bill!

I received my package from you last Thursday. I wanted to
thank you for the quick shipping and excellent packing job!
I am delighted with my banjo too. :-) Many thanks! Barb

Bill......I received my spoon holder and spoons this morning and couldn't be happier! Just to own something that Carole thought and appreciated enough to sell in her store will be a treasure in my home. I never had the pleasure of meeting your dear wife in person, but we did exchange emails every now and then...she was a such a beautiful and talented person...thank you again..Best Regards, Bobbie

What a great doll! Thanks so much, just love her!Syl

Carole, everything arrived today (except for the ink well I am waiting for) I am so delighted, I really don't know where to begin. Yes, I can begin, but there would not be any end, to the WOWS!!! EVERY thing is absolutely wonderful! The little birds, look great on my kitchen window sill. My gosh, how did I ever get along with out them. I have several places to display the sugar bowls and candle stick along with the salter. For now I placed in areas where they will be safe. It will be fun to decide where their permanent spots will be. Thank you so very much! As Always Your Cyber Friend, Pat

Hello Carole.
I just wanted to tell you what a great experience I had with your store. Thank you. I am loving my purchases.
Sincerely, Patti

We received the primitive wooden doll today.
Bill and Judy


Hi Carole,
I just rec'd my hooked rug and I just LOVE it!!!!! It was so much better in person and again thanks,

Hi Carole, I hope this email picture works........I just love my early Piggie cutting board with the old red paint!!!!! He is wonderful!!! I think he's the best Pig Cutting Board I've ever seen. I am so happy with Him! Thankyou so much for another wonderful piece from Your wonderful store. Until next time. Hugs, Carol :-)

Hello Carole, Thanks ever so much for the penner which I received this morning. Better than what I expected. A real piece of history and a marvelous addition to my collection. The packing was excellent too.
Perhaps you could post this comment on your site.
Kindest regards. Serge.

Carole, I got the cutting board and shredder today and I am thrilled. You always do such a great job with packing and I love my items.
Thank you so much! -Stephanie

Good Morning Carole, I received my rye basket today, It is BEAUTIFUL
Everything you said it was Thank you for everything -Lisa

Hi Carole, We have been in New York City for the past week. We attended all the shows and auctions of NYC's antique season.
When we got home we had the package containing the table rug. We love it! It looks perfect on one of our tavern tables and it goes well with the other orientals in the room. Take care and stay warm. Sincerely, Bill and Judy



• • • • • • •





Hi Carole......I have my books....love them !! Thanks so much .
Have a great weekend .......Tracy

• • •

Hope you like what I did with the box,I love it! Carole how are you? So good to hear from you! Talk with you soon and God bless!
- Syl

• • •


Hi Carol......My book came today in the mail. Oh how I love it !! Let me know if you get any more like this .
Have a great week......Blesssings .....Tracy

• • •

Hi Carole, Merry Christmas.....It's my little chair I bought from you, with my Christmas doll sitting in it.............I loveeeee my chair, It is perfect for my dol. It's so pretty and has the loveliest patina! I'm excited to see it on the customer's page
hugs, Carol Howard

• • •

Hi Carole, My little chair arrived safely! It's just Beautiful! I love it and it will be perfect once I have my Christmas country doll in it! I'll send you a picture then!!! Happy Thanksgiving! Carol in Savannah :-)

• • •

Thank you Carole! The mini stone fruit arrived today.
It is just the sweetest!!

• • •

Many Carole's Country Store treasures now on display
at the Audubon House museum in Key West, Florida.

• • • • •

Carole: Thanks so much. This is a dear little doll.
Very happy to meet him. Will be in touch.

Hi Carole, the bird has landed! Thanks.
-Bill and Judy


Carole, the lovely Shooner jug arrived safe and sound. It looks wonderful
on my mantle! Thanks so much, Robyn


Good morning Carole- I love- "LOVE" the tulip mugs- just opened them last night and I also had my morning coffee in one- I will be handwashing them! Thanks for the quick delivery and safe wrapping of the mugs. The woven table mats are just what I wanted for my nightstands- even my husband approved!- And the kitty penny rug is perfect on my windsor chair. So Happy Birthday to me- I am very pleased with everything and will check back often seeing as Christmas is coming in a few months :) Thanks again, Karen


Good morning. Here are a couple pictures as promised.
Have a great day!!


Hi Carole. Your reputation for shipping is beyond 5 stars!
I love shopping with Carole!!

Hi there, Well that will teach me not to procrastinate. I was looking at the
newest stone apple yesterday and was about to email you and now
see that it is sold. Ughh. My own fault.


. . . the next best thing to owning a Edward Hicks Peaceable Kingdom
painting is owning one of Carole O'Neill's Peaceable Kingdom paintings!"



Carole, Received Top Hat..love the size...GOSH you ship FAST, appreciate you ! :)

Hi Carole, I just received the candlesticks and absolutely love them! Love your website too and will order again. Thanks, Dale

Carole, I love it! - Anne

Dear Carole,
Thanks for the quick service!
Bill and Judy


Hi Carole, .......I simply adore her........
I love her beautifully pencilled face,
her lovely little bonnet and blue calico dress!
My 3rd doll by Kim is a Masterpiece!

Hi Carole: My little chopper arrived in the mail today. WOW! That was speedy service! And, as always, top quality. I love ordering from you! -M

Hi Carole, I received the adorable antique cat!! He is GREAT! I love him! My husband purchased him from you as a total surprise to me! I had no idea! What a wonderful surprise he is!! Thank you soooooo much! He is so adorable! I love it that he is one-eared! -Corinne

Carole...I received my candle mold (beautiful!) and the sweetest slate board to add to my collection...love them both. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Oh, Carole, you were right - she's even MORE beautiful in person!!! She is in her chair as we speak. It was really nice outside today, so we got to snap a few pictures together. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I absolutely LOVE her!

So nice to see a young women loving our heritage . . .




The carrier is superb...it is being well taken care of! Love the measure and also the cutting board. Thanks for selling such good stuff!


The portrait is hanging in my home office
and I think he looks pretty good.
- Donna


HI Carole, She's Here! - Berthina is Here! Oh and I love her so!!!! She's just perfect for her little chair! She's in the same room with my other doll, Sara, I got from you, and oooooo they are perfect in that room with my antique childhood bed! I'll send you a picture later today! Thankyou so much for another wonderful doll, -Carol


Hi Carole, I received the little pocket today, it is perfect on my latest early style doll, Ruth (picture enclosed). I am never disappointed with my purchases from your store. Thank you, with kind regards, Judi

Hi Carole, I received my doll today and I simply love her!!! She is amazingly stitched......I've called her Abby. We'll talk again, kindly, Carol


Hi Carole! Just wanted to let you know my package arrived safely yesterday. I placed my lamb on the hearth with my 1798 spinning wheel and 1833 reel. I'll have to send a pic! I love my sheep butter mold...perhaps I'll use it when I make cheese with my goat's milk! Thanks and have a great day! Jenny





Hi Carole, I wanted to let you know that I love, love, love my bee skep and fruit! Thank you, Anita

Thanks Carole..my heart mold arrived and it's so
sweet..I love it..thanks so much!

Hi Carole . . Thank you for sending the 2 DVD's so quickly - I watched mine right away. More than I had hoped for . . . thank you. Judy

Carole got my doll today and all I can say is Wow! Thanks so much Sylvia.





Hi Carole, Here are a couple pictures of my new doll, Kate. She is inspired by the
Izannah Walker dolls made in the late 1800's. I made her a bonnet from
antique cutwork fabric to go with her beautiful flannel dress. Her
antique boots add just the perfect touch. Thank you so much for selling your
beautiful dress. Judi




The wonderful concrete lamb and cat have arrived safe and sound!! AND soooooo fast!!:) I LOVE THEM BOTH!!!!! Susan is so talented! Thank her for me:)
Happy Winter - Vicky



Hi Carole, I have my little angel on a shelf between my kitchen and living room. She is among my favorite things....leather books. Can't wait to see what great things you will be offering this year. I hope the New Year will be very good to you. -M







Customer photo of wagon purchased in our store - shipped FedEx to . . .
North Pole, Alaska!! For real.





Carole- Yesterday after work I went straight to the post office. I handed the postal worker behind the counter the paperwork I’d printed off, He looked at it and said, “This was delivered to your house on October 15th (I was thinking it was at the PO). Great. So I go home and start looking around the front porch, thinking the wind might have blown it on the ground. Nothing there. I went around to the garage; nothing there. I then looked around the back porch and on the ground; nothing. Ditto for the little side stoop. At that point I decided somebody had seen the box on the porch and stolen it (20 years working at a jail tends to make one distrust people). When Steve came home, I again asked him if he’d picked up a little box from the front porch. He said, “I told you when you asked me that the last time that I hadn’t.” So I told him about going to the post office and how the man said it had, in fact, been delivered. Steve gets so much stuff from Fed Ex and UPS. I said, “Is there anything you’ve received but haven’t opened?” He said, “I’m not sure, but go look in my truck.” As soon as I flipped the driver’s seat over, I saw the little white box. I didn’t even have to look at the to/from part. I knew that was it. I took it in where he was and opened it. He said, “Sorry.” Sorry? I’ve been waiting and watching for this all week, and all you can say is “sorry”?

Anyway, all’s well that ends well. The little basket is more than I expected. I am truly wild about it!! So even though it has spent the last week in my husband’s truck, it is now in my kitchen where I can see it every day!! The mystery has been solved! -me



Carole, When I got home from work today, my painting was waiting for me. I was like a kid opening a first Christmas toy. ha. It's just perfect and looks wonderful over my fireplace. I want to thank you for all the time and talent you put into it and allowing me to see it as you worked on it. I would love to go ahead with our next project, the checkerboard. All I can say is I'm so glad I bought that copy of Early Home magazine ! Thanks, Jan


Hi Carole, You were right, I LOVE the little dovetailed box - what a precious size; my husband really likes it too, I'm afraid he might confiscate it! I'm anxious to read the Rufus Porter book. I'm amazed how quickly the
package arrived ~ thank you so much!


Hello Carole,
I received the rabbit yesterday. That was the fastest shipping ever! I love him. You really can't tell he is not old. Thanks so much!
- Susan




Hi Carole: I Love This Basket! Thank You for selling it to me. These baskets remind me of all the fun I use to have making yeast dough. If I could just eat one or two slices I'm sure I could make some today. But I have to eat the whole loaf !!!..smothered in butter. That sounds sooo good. Have a nice weekend.


Hi Carole the piggy arrived today how right your are when you said he was great. I'm really pleased with him. Thank you.




Hi Carole! I just opened the package with the Angela Hillstrom doll (thank you!!!) and I . just . love . her! What a treasure! I just cannot get over the detail; she is so incredibly charming. And yes, she does smell good! Is that how Angela's house smells, do you imagine? lol Again, many thanks.
Happy weekend!




Hi Carole,
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my silhouette!!! These are even better in person. I think I am going to have to have more of these. I saw that the next one I wanted has already sold. Darn!!. Let Susan know the next time you see her how wonderful they are for me.






Hi Carole, The shoes arrived yesterday and they are wonderful. I am very pleased. Thank you so much.


Hi Carole~ I received the big wonderful rye basket today... and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! It is SO FANTASTIC!! PERFECT for my spot! I can not tell you how tremendously pleased I am! Thank you for all you did to get it to me quickly and safely. The packaging was fantastic too! SO, SO happy! Thank you again!
-Christy :)